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Here You Go, Friend!

They popped the question, you have a sparkly ring on your finger…now what?


After you tell friends and family "Hey, we're engaged!" it can get pretty overwhelming. There's the date, the venue, oh... and don't forget about the guest list! With so many details to take care of wedding planning can seem not-so-fun and even stressful.


We are here to help you through your wedding planning and we think this FREE 12 month checklist is the perfect way to start! We have created a comprehensive checklist with all the big and small stuff broken into manageable handfuls.


If you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks month by month wedding planning can actually be fun and...dare I say, enjoyable!


So grab your fiance' and start checking off your to-do’s. If you’re organized, you’ll have more time to enjoy the process and each other! Cheers and Happy Planning!